The Pensmith
We buy pens

We buy and sell old pens and writing equipment in order to continue our trading activity. We sometimes sell important pens on consignment.  But, the pen or pens have to be important for us to take on consignment sales.  It is something we do rarely.  We prefer to buy our stock outright, restore it and re-sell it.

If you wish to sell a vintage pen or pens or, a collection of pens, please contact us by email or by phone.  If you email us, we prefer that you send us images of what you want to sell in .jpg format but as a compressed file.  Our email systems automatically reject images which have not been compressed to below 250 kb.

We offer fair (trade) prices to buy a pen or pens or, a collection but, we do not offer retail prices. You may prefer to sell pens at (perhaps) retail prices on eBay - something we do not participate in.

If you have pens for sale which we prefer not to re-sell, we will refer you to an appropriate contact in our network.

To discuss the sale of a pen, pens or an entire collection, please contact us.


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