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The Pensmith has been around for nearly 40 years and has established a deserved reputation for the sale and repair of tens of thousands of vintage pens to all parts of the world.  We repair and service all types of pens and writing equipment as well as selling vintage pens, new old stock pens, spare parts, pen nibs and both Diamine and KWZ inks.

We work by the long-held belief that pens and other fine writing instruments deserve to be preserved for the benefit of future generations.

The Pensmith is a team of two, a master craftsman and repairer and a younger technician who is learning the trade and taking care of the business aspects of what is now, a not insignificant business, being one of the world’s largest vintage pen retailers and Australia’s only specialty pen repair and restoration service.  We carry out pen repairs and restorations for pen manufacturers, retailers, enthusiasts, collectors and even museums.

The Pensmith also owns the AusPens business which specialises in the sale of new old stock pen parts and pen repair and restoration tools.  The link to the AusPens site is in the adjacent column.

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