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Bag Lots

We acquire many collections which contain "second tier" stock which we cannot bother restoring or, are better suited to parts.  Some may have, some may not have usable nibs.  Some will and some will not suit restoration.  We now sell these as bag lots which are ideal for those who want to:
  • do their own repairs;
  • practice on cheaper pens; or
  • acquire pens for parts.

1. No further descriptions or photos will be supplied;
2. Lots are not interchangeable between bags;
3. Sensible ofers will be accepted which are close to the advertised price;
4. The contents of bag lots are sold unrestored and as is;*
5. No refunds or exchanges are available;*
6. Prices are per lot - for all pens displayed on a tray, not each pen; and
7. Pens are not individually packed on despatch which is by Parcel Post.


LOT BL102 - $30 AUD + GST

LOT BL103 - $30 AUD + GST

LOT BL104 - $30 AUD + GST

LOT BL105 - $35 AUD + GST

"*" No warranty of any description is provided in respect of bag lot contents and any sale of bag lots does not constitute a sale by description or sample.  Buyers who purchase bag lots are deemed to do so on a "buyer beware" basis and purchasing a bag lot constitutes the buyer's acceptance of the Bag Lot Rules shown on this page..


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