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The only successfull way of extracting seal capsules from Sheaffer Vac Fills after of course, appropriate heating and soaking of the capsule end of the barrel  Made to grip the barrel and with an extractor threaded to the blind cap specifications on the capsule.
Price $140 AUD + GST each.

Very useful for inserting replacement O-rings or seals in the seal capsule and re-sealing the capsule to avoid glue staining or marking the barrel.  The rod retracts fully inside the insert tube to avoid spreading glue where it is not required.
Price $90 AUD + GST each.

The best of a number of ideas from others and, our own experience.  Extracts the clutch from the cap lip section of the clutch, avoiding the damage caused by attempting to extract the clutch from its base.
Price $160 AUD + GST each.

Repair and refurbishment of Sheaffer Vac Fill seal capsules is one of the most difficult repairs that can be undertaken.  To simplify the task, we've manufactured new Vac Fill seal capsules pre-fitted with 'O' Ring.  Simply heat and knock out the old seal capsule and glue in a new one.  Illustrated below is the new capsule (with sealing washer removed) showing the 'O' Ring fitted.  The capsules are correctly threaded for all Sheaffer blind caps.
Price $25 AUD + GST each.

These cutters are made to order and can be made in sets.  For instance, a set to suit all Onoto top corks and bottom seals would include one 2.0 mm inner cutter and  a top cork cutter of  6.0 mm together with an additional set of six cutters ranging in size from 8.0 mm to 10.3 mm for the plunger seal (according to model).  Full sets are available but most prefer three cutters being 2.0 mmm internal diameter, 6.00 mm external diameter (cork outer diameter) and 8.3 mm external diameter (plunger seal) for most Onoto 1000, 2000 and 3000 series pens.

The seal cutters are perfectly concentric - the smaller sizes being a snug fit inside the tubes of the larger sizes.  The cutters are made from mild steel, sharpened and hardened.  Importantly,  no matter how often the cutters are re-sharpened, the diameter of the cut seal will never change.  

We do also manufacture seal cutters to order for many other pens.  One of the popular requests we receive are cutters for Sheaffer seals for many different models.
$80 AUD + GST for 2.0 mm , 6.0 mm and 8.3 mm diameter cutters to suit most Onotos.  Prices for other sizes and quantities are available on inquiry.

Plunger rods for Onotos wear out, break, bubble, burst and bend.  The answer - replacement rods made of brass. These brass rods feature a cupped plunger backing integrally turned into the bell shaped, adjustable lower stopper. The rods suit all six different types of Onoto rod used in nine different Onoto models.  They can be easily cut to length. The rods are supplied with plunger backing, copper pins and lock nuts.

Original threads on Onoto plunger rods use left hand 5BA threads.


1. Rods using the original 5BA left hand threads which suit original thread configurations.  These require no further work or mechanical input save for insertion of the original or replacement copper pins in both the plunger knob and the shut-off mechanism; or

2. A version which does not use original thread configurations and instead, uses 3.0 mm metric right hand threads and a combination of lock nuts and pins to ensure that once adjusted and installed, the rod (and its fittings) will never move. Unless you have the mechanical ability to re-thread the plunger knob (from LH 5BA thread to 3.0 mm metric right hand thread), we strongly recommend that you leave the fitting of these rods to ourselves.  Ideally, our system of fixing the position of Onoto rods requires the drilling of two 1.0 mm holes to fit copper pins in the plunger backing and the plunger knob.  The use of pins ensures that the restoration can be dismantled if servicing is required at a later date. Otherwise, for those who prefer the non-purist method, the plunger backing and knob can be glued into place but obviously, this is irreversible and will (in our humble view), ruin the integrity of the pen.  This version of rod suits pens where the knob or other parts (which depend on the existence of good, left hand threads), are damaged.


$28 AUD + GST  (either version)


These tools are not individually priced but rather, are made to order according to a user's preference.  These are made to size and order and price varies accordingly . Please email us for a quotation.

Barrel/cap clamp:

A very useful tool to clamp a barrel or cap including to safely hold in a lathe for repair/restoration work.  Fitted with protective rubber sleeve and tightened using 4 hex head screws.

Rod clamp:

Used primarily for unscrewing Onoto plunger rods and capable of other uses with some imagination.

Nib/grooved block:

Made from silver (or mild) steel and featuring a range of milled and polished grooves.  Useful for nib straightening with ball bearings or burnisher.

Pelikan collar clamp:

Threaded collars on Pelikan nibs often stay in the section when nibs are removed.  The smallest of proprietary inner cap pullers are too large to grip the collars in the section.  This expanding clamp is small enough to remove any wayward Pelikan collar which is stuck in a section.


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