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KWZ Ink from Poland produces two ranges of superb handmade "modern generation" inks. There is the the Standard Range which encompasses a useful range of fine colours and hues and its Iron Gall Range which is unique in that not only is it available in archival black, but also a range of fine colours.  KWZ is produced by the dedicated team of Agnieszka and Konrad Zurawski.  Konrad is an industrial chemist who constantly makes improvements to the KWZ product.  KWZ Ink is superb to use and will be available from many Australian pen retailers.

KWZ Standard Range

We are at the moment only stocking a portion of KWZ's standard range being colours which do not overlap Diamine's range.
60 ml bottles 

Azzure #4

Azzure #5

Menthol Green

Old Gold

Green Gold




Grey Plum

Brown Pink

KWZ Iron Gall Range
60 ml bottles 

IG Blue #1

IG Blue #6

IG Green #2

IG Gold

IG Red #3

IG Blue #2

IG Turquoise

IG Green #3

IG Mandarin

IG Violet #2

IG Blue #3

IG Blue-Black

IG Green #4

IG Orange

IG Violet #3

IG Blue #5

IG Green #1

IG Green Gold

IG Red

IG Gummiberry


Iron Gall series by KWZ Ink refers to the type of
ink used in medieval times for writing manuscripts, but is designed as modern fountain pen friendly ink. It is gaining popularity because the written notes are extremely long lasting on paper, as the colour is darkening over time opposite to some common inks, which tend to fade over years. Writing with it is fun, as the colour is changing immediately just in front of your eyes, for example pink is becoming violet or orange is becoming brown. The written notes are also water resistant to some extent. The dyes can be washed away, but the iron gall component is permanently bonded with paper, so the text is still easy to read even after soaking.

The pen filled with IG inks however needs some
special care, similar to when any permanent ink is used. It is recommended not to leave it unused for a long time in order not to let the ink dry out in the pen, otherwise it might be difficult to clean the ink off the pen. If IG inks are used on a daily basis, there are no special requirements.

The range of Iron Gall KWZ Inks includes three
types. IG Mandarin and Aztec Gold is Light Iron Gall - it means that the iron gall component concentration is very low and the maintenance doesn't differ from using standard ink. On the contrary, IG Blue-Black is Archive Iron Gall, which means that the concentration of iron gall component is very high, thus it is the most water resistant and the most permanent of the whole IG KWZ Ink range. All the other IG KWZ Inks - blues, greens, violets, reds or brown are the medium type where the iron component concentration is high enough to make the notes everlasting, but low enough to be highly convenient in daily use.
These notes are courtesy of Agnieszka Zurawski.


Unfortunately, we do not ship less than four bottles by post.
Overseas postage regulations may prohibit ink being sent by mail in certain countries.



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